Dr. William Boone Receives 2015 Miami University Distinguished Scholar Award

Dr. William Boone, Professor
Dr. William Boone, Professor

Dr. William Boone, Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, was selected to receive a 2015 Miami University Distinguished Scholar Award. The Distinguished Scholar Awards Program celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding Miami scholars each year.  Exemplary Miami faculty members are nominated by their peers to be recognized for superior research and scholarly activities.

Dr. Boone’s scholarly work has focused on aspects of educational measurement, evaluation, and statistical analyses. He is a recognized worldwide expert on particular forms of statistical analyses and he has provided consultations on measurement issues to numerous faculty members at Miami, to faculty at other US institutions, and to many scholars at European higher education institutions. In particular, he is a recognized expert on the Rasch model of analysis, and he has published, with colleagues, two books on the use of these assessment techniques (2014, 2006). The editor of his most recent book has indicated that there were over 5,000 downloads of chapters from this book between January-May of 2014, making it one of the most accessed books in their Human and Social Sciences area. He also has been the statistician on numerous collaborative research projects and is a joint author of many research articles that involved his measurement techniques, with over 20 such articles being published since 2010. Dr. Boone’s teaching at Miami involves similar subject areas and thus his own scholarly work has been a valuable resource for his teaching of Miami students. He also operates a Psychometric Laboratory at Miami that assists faculty and students in the application of Rasch measurement techniques to their research problems.

In 2012, he received a Fulbright Scholar award and spent that time in Germany and other parts of Europe. He also has received other scholarly awards, including being named a Visiting Fellow in 2010 at the Ludwig Maximilian Universitat in Munich, Germany.

In recognition of Dr. Boone’s accomplishments in research and scholarship, he will receive a plaque in honor of the achievement and a stipend that can be used for any university-approved professional expense.


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