Dr. Kuvalanka quoted in article: “Identifying as a different gender”

Congratulations Dr. Kuvalanka for being quoted in a Science News for Students article:

“Family acceptance has a critical role to play when it comes to the well-being of these children,” says Katherine Kuvalanka. She is leading the study. A family-studies researcher at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, her work focuses on transgender issues.

Families often report that when they allow their children to transition, “the kids then blossomed as if a light has turned on,” Kuvalanka says. They look as if “a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders.” Still, family acceptance isn’t always enough. “These children also need support and acceptance from their schools, peers, religious leaders and other influential people and social institutions in their lives,” she says. Yet people in these positions often are unsure how best to support transgender people.



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