EHS Student Profile: Frankie

EHS interviewed current graduate  student Frances “Frankie” Roskam about her experiences here at Miami University. Here’s what she said:

What is your current job title and employer?10628227_793698557347540_8734111519778526473_n
• Founder & CEO of The Justification of Youth (JOY)
• Graduate Assistant for the Urban Teaching Cohort
• M.S. Candidate for Student Affairs in Higher Education

Describe something special/unique about you or your job:
One of my favorite things to do is talk to people about what they dream about. I’m constantly dreaming. It’s one of the most beautiful things to see someone talk about something they love, and that’s what I get to do everyday. It’s been incredibly hard work to start this, but it’s been more than I could ever have dreamed. I get to help other people, both children in developing countries and students at Miami and other universities in the United States, to really see the world.

What experiences at Miami helped you to succeed after graduation?
I’ve experienced incredible support from the Miami family. Last year, I spent all first semester running around campus talking to anyone that 10940540_869284259788969_454842241668336179_nwould listen. I had an idea, and it was big–really big. I wanted to love every child in the world, and I wanted every student to love them, too. That’s big! I talked to so many Miami professors and administrators, and no one ever told me my idea was too big. They told me it would be hard work, but they supported me in so many ways.

What made your Miami experience unique?
My Miami experience has been so unique because it has been so full of purpose. The more I learned about what I am being called to do, inspire others to love one another and kids around the world, the more doors opened to create this type of opportunity for me. I may have changed my major five times, but through the process of learning more about who I am, the more excited I have been for the future. I know that anything is possible, and I choose to reject cynicism. There is so much joy, even when things are hard. We have to choose it everyday.


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