EHS Alumni Spotlight: Katie Higgins

EHS interviewed alumna Katie Higgins, a 2010 graduate of the Family Studies program. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your current job title and employer?
Coordinator, Infant Wellness – Department of Community Wellness, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OHK-Higgins

Have you had any significant accomplishments in your job?
I wrote and received a grant to start the first Cribs for Kids program in Franklin County. It’s not a major award, but definitely a huge accomplishment. The grant was awarded in Fall of 2012 and since that time I have been able to provide safe sleep education and pack ‘n plays to over 250 families and have trained over 50 professionals (nurses, social workers, community health workers, etc.) on current safe sleep practices.

Describe something special/unique about your Miami experience:
I did not go in to my freshman year with the intent on receiving a degree in Family Studies. I ended with that as a direct result of support and advice that I received from Miami faculty, staff, and other students providing me with very honest advice and guidance. Once I accepted the fact that it was okay to change my major, I took advantage of all the resources available to help identify my strengths and find a program that fit my personality and interests.

Were you involved in something at Miami that contributed to your success in the field?
I owe a lot to my undergraduate research experience. Helping with the FSW course redesign gave me great insight into what it takes to develop a curriculum, grant writing, and working as part of a professional team. My internship experience also led to a job roughly 6 months after graduation. Having experience with the organization and being familiar with the existing projects and partners gave me an edge up in being selected for this job.


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