EHS Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Anderson

EHS interviewed alumna Stephanie Anderson, a 2008 graduate of the Family Studies program. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your current job title and employer?
Heart Mini Director at Cincinnati chapter of the American Heart Association, Cincinnati, OH

Have you had any significant accomplishments in your job?stephanie anderson
I was promoted to open a Mercy Healthplex in Downtown, Cincinnati.  A brand new state of the art fitness facility in the business district of Downtown, Cincinnati.  This was after my successful stretch as Club Manager for the Fairfield Healthplex that is connected to Mercy Health Hospital, Fairfield.  This accomplishment was significant to my career growth as I started from an empty floor in the Atrium Two building on 4th street, to designing, staffing, networking, and running the premier Downtown Fitness facility for business men & women.

I am now also, a Director over the “Heart Mini” at the American Heart Association.  My first “Heart Mini” was this past March (2015) and was the largest “Heart Mini” to date.  This allows us to continue to be the “largest nonprofit fundraising event in Cincinnati” per the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Did you have a Miami experience that led you to find get your degree in Family Studies?
Going into my Freshman year at Miami I did not know what I wanted to major in.  All I knew was that due to my social personality, I wanted to work with “people” and I had a passion for helping people.  Between working with my academic advisor to help find a major that compliments my strengths and working a part time job during college at a hospital based fitness facility, I landed in Family Studies.

How has your Family Studies training benefited you in the work that you do now?
This degree allowed me to learn how to work with people of all ages, human interactions, as well as different fields of work you can go into to fulfill your interest.  I learned that my area of interest was working with people in the health and wellness field, which lead me to successful positions at Mercy Healthplex for over 7 years after college.  The trainings I had in Family Studies assisted me to not only work with, but to also accept and help people of all different backgrounds.  During my time at Miami, I also wanted to be involved on campus in something more than attending class, so I got involved in the “Family Studies and Social Work Organization”.  This made me recognize the importance of being involved in more than my job when I graduated.  After choosing to get involved with nonprofits throughout the city of Cincinnati, I found that outside of working with people from a wellness perspective, I could still fulfill my passion of promoting wellness, while working for a nonprofit in fundraising to increase research and awareness to help people.  This has led to my current position as a Director at the American Heart Association.  Without my trainings in Family Studies, Miami University instilling a strong work ethic, as well as noting that working in a field of helping people IS an important career choice, I would not be as successful as I am today in my career.


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