EHS Alumni Spotlight Rachel Dillhoff

When EHS learned that alumna Rachel Dillhoff’s efforts were positively impacting the individuals around her, we just had to find out more! Read on to find out what Rachel is doing professionally and how Miami helped her reach those goals:


What is your current job title and employer? Wellness Coordinator for Corporate Fitness Works/ CSX Transportation.

What do you do at your job? I manage three fitness facilities in Ohio and Kentucky. I travel to various sites within the company I serve (CSX Transportation) and present on various health topics, provide health screenings, metabolic testing, personal training, group fitness classes and provide health coaching. My duties also include performing pre-employment Physical Capabilities Testing for new hires. I have also talked with classes at Miami University about corporate wellness and the opportunities they can pursue in that field.

Have you made any significant accomplishments and/or won any awards? I began the first fitness class at my particular location. I have also assisted many employees with meeting (and exceeding) their health and weight loss goals. Earlier this month at our company’s annual meeting I was awarded the “rookie of the year” award.

What experiences at Miami helped you to succeed after graduation? While earning my master’s degree I assisted Dr. Valerie Ubbes with her research on health literacy. I found healthy literacy to be fascinating and I find myself using some of the knowledge I learned through research on that topic with the population I currently work with…Dr. Freysinger is another faculty member that really helped me prepare for the “real world”. Looking back now, she had us read articles for class that I find directly relating to the population I currently work with. I think it is neat that I was preparing for my current role without even realizing it! 

How did you like Miami? It was such a wonderful experience that helped me become the person I am today. I am grateful for the faculty and staff that made my experience so fantastic!


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