EHS Professors Dance with the Stars Oxford Style

The audience laughs a warm response to the videos onscreen. The couples projected there make jokes about their lives, their work, and their dancing. It’s as if they are being profiled for the television show Dancing with the Stars–and they are–only it’s Oxford style!

Stars Dance PosterThe dance that Leah, professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at Miami University, and her husband Jered Wasburn-Moses performed opened with the same endearing jokes that the couple exuded onscreen, lending a personal touch to their performance. It was beautifully choreographed and executed, owing to the countless hours of practice, choreography, and teamwork they shared with their instructor, Michael Scoggins, adjunct professor of social dancing in the Department of Kinesiology and Health.

“He set up the entire show,” Leah complimented Michael, “Including choreography, rehearsals multiple times a week, costuming, and even the master of ceremonies at the event. He choreographed every dance to play to the strengths of each couple and selected couples in all age categories to demonstrate that ballroom dance is for everyone.”

MU shirt
Michael Scoggins and Leah Wasburn-Moses pose together for a photo at the event.

Hosted by the Oxford Seniors/Miami University Affiliation in collaboration with the Oxford Community Art Center (OCAC), the Dancing with the Stars Oxford Style event helped to support intergenerational involvement and goodwill for the greater Oxford community. The audience enjoyed an evening of fine dining, entertainment, and dancing–the dance floor was later opened to everyone.

“I think this event showed the best of our community. People of all ages came out to support local dancers, Oxford Seniors, and the Community Arts Center. The number of rounds of applause each dance pair received was incredible and you could hear roars on the specially choreographed lifts!” reflected Michael.

The winners of the evening were:
Nathan and Annie Morris, first place with tango
Leah and Jered Wasburn-Moses, second place with foxtrot
Dave and Teresa Abrams, third place with rumba

And now, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy Leah and Jered Wasburn-Moses’ performance from Tuesday night’s Dancing with the Stars–Oxford Style!


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